Our Team

Jared Jackson, MAJNM, is the Founder and Executive Director of Jews in ALL Hues, an education and advocacy organization that builds a world where intersectional diversity and dignity are normative.  A Philadelphia-born multi-heritage Jew, Jared is an internationally renowned Jewish diversity leader, consultant, facilitator, speaker, writer, musician, and entrepreneur. He is an alum of the Selah leadership program through Bend The Arc: A Jewish Partnership for justice. Jared holds a certificate of nonprofit management from LaSalle University and was named one of the “Jews That Will Change the World” by periodical, Ma’ariv. Along with everything else, In May of 2021, Jared graduated from Hebrew Union College with a Master of Arts in Jewish Nonprofit Management.  

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Our Board

Rabbi Thalia Halpert Rodis

Board Chair
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Rabbi Thalia Halpert Rodis is a writer, editor, and educator. She has a background in fundraising and grant-writing. Thalia currently teaches Hebrew school and preschool, and she is the communications coordinator for her town.

Thalia is a dual-heritage Jew with adopted, multi-heritage, and queer Jewish family members. Thalia’s childhood was spent in a racially and economically diverse Brooklyn neighborhood. She then moved to the (drastically different) white suburbs of New Jersey in the fourth grade. Thalia grew up cracking red eggs on Greek Easter with her father’s family and breaking matzah during Passover with her mother’s family. She became attached to Jewish customs and ideas — particularly those relating to Tikkun Olam and social justice — around the time of her Bat Mitzvah. She has been committed to Jewish learning and social action ever since.

Graie Hagans
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Graie Hagans is the Vision Praxis Director at Bend the Arc where he supports American Jews to build a thriving multiracial democracy. He holds a MPP from Rutgers University and serves on the board of Jews in All Hues and the Philadelphia Student Union. He is a native of St. Louis and has a deep love for his community and the possibilities of olam ha’ba. Before joining Bend the Arc in June 2017, Graie organized faith communities across Philadelphia with POWER (a federation of Faith in Action, formerly the PICO National Network).


Dr. Andrea Jacobs

Dr. Andrea Jacobs is an educator, researcher, and organizational consultant with over 25 years of experience working for change in Jewish and wider-world communities. She has developed resources and training programs to address gender equity, LGBTQ inclusion and racial justice for a wide range of educational and communal organizations. Andrea is co-founder and partner at Rally Point for Collaborative Change, a consulting practice that focuses on working across differences to facilitate transformative change She is currently serving as project director of the Women in Jewish Leadership Initiative for the William Davidson Graduate School of Education

at JTS. Andrea is trained in Theater of the Oppressed and Playback Theater and draws on her training to infuse her work with artistic and improvisational approaches to addressing social justice issues. She is the advisory board of jGirls Magazine. Andrea earned a doctorate in linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin where her research focused on the use of language as a tool for social and cultural change among Jewish American and Israeli feminists.


Dr. Jacobs has led workshops and consulted for Limmud U.K., Keshet U.K., Mayan in NYC, JCRC in NYC, Repair the World: Philadelphia, and is the former Director of Education for Keshet in Boston.

Kat Macías

Kat Macías is a queer Puerto Rican and Cuban Jew-by-Choice with an intersectional anti-oppression praxis. They are the Avodah DC Program Director and recently completed a M.Ed. in Higher Education from Merrimack College. During their graduate studies, Kat researched and developed a Queer Students of Color Leadership Development Curriculum. Before joining the team at Avodah, they served as the Multicultural Achievement Peer Program (MAPP) Coordinator at Middlesex Community College where they managed a program that directly supported low-income, first generation, international, and undocumented students of color. Kat moved to DC from Boston where they participated in the JOIN for Justice Fellowship and worked at Keshet two years leading community building programs and LGBTQ+ inclusion trainings. Kat also enjoys reviving family recipes, dancing to in kitchens, and creating art.

Megan Pamela Ruth Madison

Megan Pamela Ruth Madison is a facilitator, scholar, and community organizer who grew up in northern Michigan, and now calls New York City home.  After completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan, Megan became a preschool teacher in Chicago.  Now, as a doctoral candidate at Brandeis University, she works part-time facilitating workshops for grown-ups (teachers, families, activists) on racism, sexism, and antisemitism.  Megan recently completed a term on the governing board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.  She currently serves on the board of directors for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (or JFREJ) and the Jewish Organizing Institute & Network (JOIN for Justice).


Megan approaches her work as an early childhood educator and a student of radical Black feminism.  She strives to catalyze transformative change by using her personal power to create playful spaces that center the needs and experiences of Black womxn in our wholeness (our minds, our bodies, our emotions, and our spiritual selves).  She does this work because she is in love.  She yearns for experiences that deepen that love--for herself, for her people, and for the world we are building together.

Yosef Webb-Cohen
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YOSEF WEBB-COHEN, MDiv. (pronouns: they/them/theirs or he/him/his) is an educator committed to supporting individuals and communities in their journeys for personal, social, and cultural growth and change. Yosef is the Senior Educator of the Calico Hill Collective, developing experiences to support individuals and communities who are seeking to strengthen their capacity to live out their justice values and to engage effectively, ethically, and authentically across identity differences, including race, gender, sexuality, religion, class, immigration status, and disability/mental health among other differences. Yosef has taught Middle School students through octogenarians, and loves facilitating educational opportunities for students of all ages. Yosef’s father escaped picking tobacco in the fields of North Carolina by joining the Army at 18, where he met Yosef’s mother who was also in the Army. Yosef was born in North Carolina, raised in Germany, California, and Colorado, and like his parents, Yosef also joined the military as a teen. After time in the Navy working in a boiler room of an aircraft carrier (U.S.S. John F. Kennedy CV-67), he worked in kitchens, worked on cars, answered phones and eventually landed in college studying anthropology and graduated as the first Black man in his family to go to college and to receive a graduate degree. Yosef received his Masters of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary in NW Washington, DC where he focused his studies on interfaith (Jewish/Christian/Muslim) dialogue for peace, a BA in Anthropology with an emphasis on the experiences of indigenous Native American peoples, from California State University, Sacramento, and two AA degrees from American River College in Sacramento. He successfully completed a year and a half of Clinical Pastoral Education (5 Units) and is trained as an interfaith and mental health chaplain, including more than a year at Saint Elizabeths Mental Health Hospital in Washington, DC.  Yosef is currently pursuing an MSW at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Yosef, along with spouse, Beth, their amazing cuddly baby, Sam, and their delightfully grumpy (and loving!) cat, Miroku, laugh a lot, walk a lot, sing a lot, create cool things, love chatting about the earth they want Sam to inherit, and enjoy making (and eating!) culinary delights from around the world.

Joanna Ware

Joanna Ware is a facilitator, educator, and organizational consultant with over 15 years of experience, and with a particular focus in LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) education and training, community organizing, diversity training, anti-sexism and anti-violence education, white anti-racism education and organizing, storytelling, and organizational change. Joanna has a dual Bachelors degree in Gender Studies and Middle East Studies from Antioch College, a Certificate in Adaptive Leadership from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, a Certificate in Facilitation from Georgetown University, and a Certificate in the Fundamentals of Facilitation for Racial Justice Work from the Interaction Institute. She has taught Equity in Facilitation as a guest instructor in Georgetown University’s Facilitation Certificate program, and has worked on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) institutional change initiatives for dozens of Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Community Farming Field Building Initiative, the URJ, USCJ, synagogues, summer camps, day schools, JCCs, and JFCS agencies. For over 7 years, Joanna worked with Keshet - the largest national Jewish LGBTQ organization - to organize, train, and support Jewish institutions to be more LGBTQ inclusive and welcoming, and to support LGBTQ Jewish leaders to create change in their communities.