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Who are we?

JIAH is one of the only independent Jewish social justice organizations in existence founded by a biracial, multi-heritage, Jew of Color millennial. Our founder, Jared Jackson, is an internationally renowned Jewish diversity leader, consultant, and deeply committed to both his faith and his heritages. From our genesis, JIAH has been in service of social justice and equity.

What is JIAH's Philosophy

Jews in ALL Hues is committed to seeing each community organization grow as diverse and as equitable as possible.

Our Team has decades of combined experience in the actualization of diverse communities.  We recognize that affecting change requires an investment from top to bottom, inside and outside, personally and institutionally.

"There’s a particular depth and soul that a congregation looks for when bringing in experts to speak on such essential topics like race and multi-racial religious communities. Jews in ALL Hues hits just the right notes of storytelling, fact-sharing, Torah teaching, and vulnerability to allow each and every participant to see themselves as critical to a present and future we can all be proud of."


- Rabbi Aaron Alexander of Adas Israel in Washington, D.C.

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