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JIAH’s leadership is composed of multi-heritage, multi-ethnic and multi-generational researchers, consultants, trainers, policy analysts and program managers. We provide consulting, coaching, strategic diversity planning in Jewish cultural, institutional, and religious contexts. Using an anti-bias framework, our offerings are grounded in time-tested pedagogy, Jewish wisdom, and effective modern strategies around diversity. Want to achieve your vision of a vibrant and diverse Judaism? We can help!


Responding to Bias (working towards liberation) Workshop

Our signature workshop gives participants a dynamic framework for racial and social justice that can be applied personally, interpersonally, and institutionally at the same time. Whether you’ve been on a social justice journey or are just getting started, this workshop will have something that everyone can use to better deepen their skills, connections and effectiveness. *New in 2019* added curriculum materials for security and awareness training for synagogues, JCC’s, and other religious organizations.

The Intersection of Racism, Judaism, and White Supremacy

In the wake of recent events regarding systemic oppression, mass shootings, and civil rights violations, many in the Jewish community have wondered how best to respond. As Jews, the first step we must take is to acknowledge that this is not an issue of solidarity, but of self-awareness and communal survival. In this workshop we will begin to unpack the intersection of race, Judaism, white supremacy, and its impact on the people in our communities.

Responding to Bias (working towards liberation) Workshop

What does it mean to accept diversity in your community?  

How can we build a framework for embracing diversity that moves beyond putting up 

welcoming signs? Join Jews in ALL Hues for an in-depth workshop that provides realistic 

pathways to building your community’s capacity for integration. 

A four-part intensive workshop designed to give those in the Jewish community who want to get directly involved in social justice effective tools that can help them further any cause. Utilizing a variety of techniques, including from Theatre of the Oppressed, this training will be like no other in the Jewish community. All participants are required to have taken at least one introductory anti-bias workshop. Jews in ALL Hues also conducts anti-bias workshops throughout the year and upon request from clients.

Practical Allyship and Liberation Workshop

Board, Managers, and Staff Workshop

Most organizations have staff, board members, and volunteers who want to head towards equity when it comes to racial justice but struggle to find a way. Connecting your organization’s history, mission, vision, staff, and volunteers with racial equity is the goal. This workshop is dedicated to starting or continuing your organization’s journey towards a grounded, realistic, equitable future.

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